Stream-Line Oil Treatment Plants have been manufactured for over eighty years and are in service with power generating, transmission and distribution authorities in over sixty countries worldwide. Proven to be extremely efficient and economical to operate, continued research and development by VOKES means that Stream-Line plants are still the most effective method of oil treatment available.

Although Stream-Line plants are suitable for use with a wide range of oil based fluids, they are primarily supplied for the treatment of electrical insulating oil. Passing insulating oil through a Stream- Line plant removes virtually all solid particles by either 'Edge-Type' (SL Range) or Cartridge (C Range) filtration, and dissolved water and gases by vacuum degassing.

Applications for Stream-Line Oil Treatment Regular reconditioning using a Stream-Line plant provides an economical alternative to replacing with new oil or using a contract oil treatment service. Stream-Line plants can be used in the following ways to ensure the efficient operation of electrical equipment:

The reconditioning of oil and drying of electrical equipment by recirculation, as part of a regular maintenance program. This helps to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment by maintaining its optimum performance standards.

Subject to the observance of safety procedures, Stream-Line plants can be used for the 'on-line' treatment of live transformers. As a consequence transformer performance can be maintained without shutting-down and losing the capacity of the installation.

➢ Full regeneration of the oil by removing accumulated acids using an additional deacidification unit The removal of accumulated acids avoids the risk of corrosion and the subsequent breakdown of critical components within electrical equipment.

➢ Evacuating or 'drawing-down' transformers to remove contaminants prior to filling with clean oil Available as an optional extra, an additional vacuum pump can be fitted to remove moisture gases and other contaminants prior to filling, and during filling and oil treatment. Stream-Line plants are also widely used for the filling of new and reconditioned transformers.