➢ Checking on looseness of bolts & retightening.
➢ Rectification of any oil leak from flange of welded part, packing, bushing, etc.
➢ All measuring devices such as thermometer, oil level indicator, PRD, etc to be inspected and serviced.
➢ All bellows to be inspected and replaced if found to be broken/damaged.
➢ Replacement of silica gel breather hose for all transformers.
➢ Replacement of silica gel holder case for Transformer
➢ General inspection will be carried out by our selected Engineer in charge
➢ Electrical test will be performed on the transformer and analyzed the results with comparison from the previous test results to access the health of the transformer(Frequency Response Analysis (FRA), Insulation Resistance Test, Winding Resistance Test, Voltage Ratio & Phase Displacement Test, Magnetization / Excitation Current Test, Tan Delta Test for Lv and Hv Bushing).
➢ We also perform testing on the following protection devices to ensure that the protective devices are in healthy condition: (Buchholz Relay, Pressure Relief Device, OLTC Protective Relay, Recalibrate, Winding Temperature Indicator).

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EMU Set and RailwaySubstation

Some of the previous work scope successfully done before:
➢ Unloading and setting up safe work area.
➢ Drain oil from main tank of transformer
➢ Gasket Replacement
➢ Cleaning
➢ Dismantling
➢ Perform Insulation (IR) test transfomer winding
➢ Perform Dielectric Strength Test
➢ Install Oil Pump
➢ Oil pump and Air blast cooler servicing
➢ Assembling motor fan and radiator
➢ Oil Filtration process

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