In the event that your machines needs to be repaired, our network of authorized and highly qualified service team will ensure we meet your service and maintenance needs. Our network of authorized service team can also supply Original Equipment Manufacturing(OEM) and local spare parts for any of our machines.

If you require an on-site visit, we provide consultation and recommended parts
* Experienced on repair and servicing of all types of Filter Machines and supply (Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Cable Oil, Coolant Oil and Diesel).

➢ Painting
➢ Repair & Modification of Cover
➢ Oil Draining
➢ Oil & Servicing
➢ Replacement of Vacuum Air Filter
➢ Installation of New Oil
➢ Replacement of New Heater
➢ Cartridge Installation
➢ Replacement of O-ring
➢ Wiring Installation

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