Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB (National Electrical Board)
➢ Rectification of Oil leak at HV Yellow Phase,Bushing and LV bushing for transformer no.1 S/30MVA 132/11kV
➢ Thermography PAT/SAT at TNB
➢ Thermoscanning & Ultrasonic at PPU
➢ Replacement of 2 Protocol Converter
➢ Online reclamation at PM Tanjung Pauh (T1)
➢ Reclamation at PMU
➢ Refurbishment, service, replacement, oil filtering, vacuum pump for substation
➢ Online reclamation for 30MVA 132/33KV & 30 MVA 132/11KV Hyundai Transfomer at PMU Lukut TX1 & TX2
➢ Oil Streamline Filter & Vacuum Machine
➢ Air Conditioner service

Malaysia Transformer Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (MTM)
➢ Oil Filtration For OLTC GT 12 at Serdang Power Station
➢ Installation,calibration and testing of 1 unit AKM Winding
➢ Dismantling of 12.5MVA 22/11kV Transformer at PPU
➢ Major Maintenance 1 x 7.5MVA 33/11kV Lioyang Transformer TX1 at PPU
➢ Major Inspection and Testing Refurbishment of 7.5MVA 33/aakV Tx1 Electrical Test of 7.5 MVA kirloskar Transformer
➢ Replacement Neutral bushing of 112 MVA 13.8/28935KV
➢ Major refurbishment of 15MVA 33/11kV Refurbishment,installation ,Testing and commissioning of 1 x 15MVA 33/H KV,Takaoka Transformer
➢ Cable Laying,Termination,Oil Filtration,Vacuuming,Testing,and Commissioning of& 2 x 30 MVA MTM Transformer at PPU Top Glove
➢ Supply and install Drive Mechanism component at PMU Gelica kemaman,Heck Bridge Hewittic Easun Transformer
➢ Preventive maintenance Online filtration including installation and dismantling of filtration plant transformer 90MVA 132/33kV
➢ Oil Draining and vacuuming process for 48MVA

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) / Malayan Railway
➢ Installation Of 2HP Air Conditioner At Klang Valley
➢ Supply, Install, Test & Commission Digital Surveillance System At Salak South
➢ Repair, Service & Test 4 Unit 2.5HP Air Cond At Relay Room KL Sentral & KL Sentral Depoh
➢ Filteration Work For EMU 14 Transformeer At EMU Depot, Sentul, KTMB KL, Type Of TX : Brush Electric.
➢ Supply And Test Entrelec Semi-Auto Mechanical Too 1(Oupad) complete With Wire To Provide Mainpower Tools And Transportation For Repair Radiator Leakage
➢ Supply And Test Sun Generator Rpm Tachometer Meter For Station Klang Valley Double Track Area. Model AIS 91561 MLM SAM
➢ Supply Transformer Oil & To Perform Oil Filtration For EMU Class 82
➢ Supply Local Caterpillar Maintenance Servicing For One Units Standby Generator, Model 3512
➢ Repair & Service One Unit of ABB 25kv Booster Transformer for 25kv AC Railway Electrication System.
➢ Local Maintenance Of Seven Units Of Main Transformer For EMU Class 81 Country Sourse: Malaysia
➢ Repair And Service 2 Unit Of 25kv Circuit Breaker Pole For 25kv AC Railway - Electrical System.
➢ Supply and Installation of SAFT Battery for EMU 81 & 82

Pahlawan Power Station Sdn Bhd
➢ Generator Transformer Maintenance
➢ Dismantle and reinstall main tank conservation cover
➢ Rectifier and indicate puncher at the rubber air bag by injection nitrogen
➢ Normalize of airbag by using nitrogen pressure
➢ Refilled filtered transformer oil from skid tank into conservator main tank
➢ Supply and replacement of new silica gel at main tank Breather and OLTC Breather
➢ Transformer Maintenance
➢ Mobilization and demobilization, draining of transformer oil to skid tank removal of bushings and accessories supply of gasket
➢ Oil Analysis
➢ Transformer electrical testing

Panglima Power Station Sdn Bhd
➢ Carrying out assessment, rectification and re-commisioning 20 MVA transformer

➢ Wilson Transformer 240 MVA Lembah Beringin 275/132/33/11KV Substation
➢ Provide Labour tools& & Material for EP Rectifier Transfomer services
➢ Main Tank transformer & Tap changer maintenance & Service
➢ Major Service of 12.5 MVA 22/11kV Fuzhou T1 at PPU Johor Jaya
➢ Refurbishment and oil filtration works for P1/132 transformer at perak,hanjung (YTL)
➢ Replacement of gasket and oil filtration works for perak,hanjong
➢ Carry out Leak test and rectification oi oil leak at Pahang Cement, Kuantan

➢ Dismantle and packing work for shipment Lv and Hv bushing STIC generator transformer at Tuanku Jaafar Power Station
➢ Oil Filtration